Nexify Scanning Solution

Looking to boost your business’s efficiency and productivity? Nexify’s scanning solutions have document imaging, capturing, and retrieval capabilities, and are designed to help companies better manage, access, and maintain their digital and paper-based records.

What does Nexify’s Scanning Solution do?

An average business generates and processes huge volumes of paper on a daily basis. Retrieving information from hard copy records can be difficult, slow, and expensive. Also, rules and regulations related to reporting and retention of data further complicate the process and add to the difficulties faced by businesses.

Our scanning solution not only provides effective and prompt content collection; it also helps businesses considerably reduce the costs spent on storage, retrieval, and export of hard copy documents and images. Our advanced technology instantly and easily converts and stores digital documents, and provides easy and quick access to data stores with its advanced search tools.

Our flexible set of scanning tools allows businesses to scan documents to the documents and records management systems for convenient storage and retrieval. Our user-friendly and efficient scanning processes and equipment protect the original document and provide the best possible digital image.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Nexify’s Scanning Solution?

With our scanning solutions, businesses can save the time and cost spent of recreating and typing paper documents. Our advanced imaging and scanning services instantly transform high volumes of paper documents into digital records that you can edit and share, and scan to your document and records management system.

Whilst increasing scanning efficiency, our scanning solutions convert your paper-based documents into well managed information and help you make significant returns by providing instant access to valuable corporate information. Additionally, to ensure that your business comply with the retention and reporting requirements set by the government, we support and fulfill industry compliance needs for both paper and digital records.

Why Choose Nexify’s Scanning Solution?

Regardless of the volume of data you want to store, edit, and scan, our scanning solution will help your business to operate more efficiently by managing your paper-based and digital data. Our technologically advanced scanning tools and equipment offer the following features:

Supports multiple OCR engine add-on

Supports OCR of HKSCS2008

End-to-end secured

Customizable scanning operation flow

Available adapters for common enterprise document and records management systems

Handle files with irregular document size, from sticky notes to A0 map papers

Handle large-sized, high quality image files (size >= A0, quality >=300dpi color)

Document level color depth classification

Meta-data positioning for non-standard form and documents

Lossless image compression and searchable PDF generation (HKSCS2008)

DMS and ERKS integration

We are proud to provide scanning solutions to a wide variety of clients, including the Government of Hong Kong. We bring years of experience and technical expertise to deliver cost-effective, custom-designed scanning solutions to our clients.

Contact our expert IT professionals at (852) 2152 3260 to create digital mirror images of your paper documents with Nexify’s scanning solutions.