Mobile Solution

With the explosive adoption of mobile devices, firms are forced to enforce corporate policies and best practices that not only secure crucial information but also support diverse user requirements and ensure enterprise mobility. We offer its expertise to companies looking to adopt tailored, flexible and cost-effective mobile solutions that can help to keep the business mobile, integrated, and secured on any mobile platform.

How Enterprise Mobile Management Systems Can Benefit Your Business?

Companies can benefit in several ways by mobilizing their workforce and process. Not only it makes the workers more productive, it also allows you to connect with the customers on a more personal level.

Higher ROI Efficient utilization of corporate resources, including technology, people, and processes, which ultimately generates a higher ROI.

Enhance Accessibility Synchronize a multitude of end-point devices and enjoy the unique feature of mobile devices such as take photos, enjoy music, use GPS tracking, instant messaging, etc.

Ensure Security Apply enterprise policies and controls to keep the corporate data secured.

IncreaseProductivity Let your people work the way they like and have higher efficiency and productivity.

More Connected System  An easier and simpler way to integrate mobile devices and apps with the backend workflow system. Connect mobile apps, business apps, and productivity apps to have greater results.

Why Use Nexify’s Mobile Solution Consultancy Service?

The widespread proliferation of mobile devices has benefitted both the enterprise as well as staff by providing then unprecedented computing power and information at their fingertips. While offering numerous advantages, the trend has caused IT department to struggle to deploy controls across an array of software and devices. We offer consulting services to help IT staff adopt mobile solutions and gain cross-platform control of a variety of mobile devices.

Our team of IT experts and analysts has skills and knowledge of number of other business productivity solutions and products like mobile app development, GIS, BI & A, etc.

With our enterprise mobile application platform, NexApps, we offer you enhanced features and security to have a 360 degree control over mobile devices.

The knowledge and experience of integrating various business processes has enabled us to provide first-class mobile solutions consultancy service. If you would like to consult our experts to know more about enterprise mobile solutions, you can call us at (852) 2152 3260.