Business Intelligence Solution

Making informed and profitable business decisions using powerful Business Intelligence tools is essential for any company’s success. We provide you with the business intelligence you need to increase profitability, reduce costs, and derive revenue. Our Business Intelligence services cover all aspects of better data visualization, data profiling, and data integration.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a kind of software solution that enables a business to gain valuable insight into its operations through data reporting and analytics tools. BI solutions include a variety of applications, including dashboards, charts, spreadsheets, and tabular reports.

It involves data integration, which is a procedure of collection, aggregation, and examination of data obtained from multiple resources. It helps businesses understand the quality of their source data and find data issues before they take critical business decisions on the basis of it. Broadly speaking, BI and analytics cover the following aspects:

Easy visualization and analysis of complex corporate data

Data profiling, data modeling, and data quality

Data analysis to generate detailed reports, dashboard, and analytics

How Business Intelligence Can Benefit Your Company?

Well designed business intelligence and analytics solutions can help your organization understand the business value of its corporate data obtained from various resources such as databases, excel, flat files etc. Right analyticstechnologies can help a business uncover insights obtained from corporate data accumulated over decades. Not only this, with predictive analysis, you can forecast business conditions and customer preferences and make profitable decisions while mitigating business risks.

BI and analytics identify potential improvement and cost-cutting areas and give the business a chance to turn its problems into opportunities. BI promotes business optimization and makes internal business operations more efficient while reducing wastage of resources.

Why Choose Nexify Business Intelligence Services?

With an extensive experience of providing IT services to the business community, we have the ability to identify unique business needs and provide optimal BI solutions and services. Our team includes expert business analysts, exceptional database designers and developers, and BI consultants, who work diligently to provide the best BI services that provide you an access to timely and accurate information, and allow you to make faster and more informed decisions.

We are skilled at using world-famous, technologically advanced BI tools such as Microsoft SQL Server, Cognos of IBM, SAP, SAS, and Autonomy of HP.

We have been working in the industry for the last 10 years and have successfully implemented BI solutions in the Hong Kong SAR Government.

We provide you real-time data reporting and analysis capability and covert your corporate data into valuable knowledge and insights.

Contact Nexify to make successful business decisions using our BI and analytics services. Call us at (852) 2152 3260.