NexScan – Scanning Solution for DMS & Record Management System

We understand that physical records are a source of critical and valuable business information and must be kept secured yet accessible. We help businesses adopt an efficient workflow process to capture and scan these critical documents with our document capture and scanning solution – NexScan.

NexScan – Scanning Solution for Record Management System    

NexScan is a robust enterprise document scanning solution that enables organizations to scan documents separately or in batches and manipulate them before exporting in various file formats. The document scanning solution can be easily integrated into a record management system, serving as a scan module to capture and deliver enhanced images into a secured content management system.

NexScan – Capture, Recognition, and Export Modules

Scanning a document is the first step in electronic document workflow. NexScan provides support for a wide variety of devices and simplifies the process with its automatic capturing capabilities. The capture module allows to import documents from various platforms, including web, desktop computer, network drive, and fax.

Once the document has been scanned, it is important to convert it into meaningful text to extract value. NexScan uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and 1D barcodes. The software also detects checkboxes and other non-alphanumeric marks to extract results.

With our scanning software, businesses can export scanned documents to their record management system for easy accessibility and enhanced security. The software supports common document management systems such as IBM Filenet, Opentext, EMC Documentum and Sharepoint.

NexScan – Key Features

Supports scanner with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi using a TWAIN 1.9 or 2.1 driver

Powerful OCR, OMR, and barcode capabilities for automatic data recognition

Role-based and multi-level quality control to ensure that each scanned document is clear, complete, and can be easily read.

Documents indexing for easy retrieval from electronic document management system

Integration with common record management system for easy organization and fast retrieval.

Recognizes data, extracts value, and generates comprehensive reports.

Metadata configuration and scanning configuration profile.

Scan separate documents or complete batches with automatic capture capabilities.

Why Choose Nexify Scanning Products?

With an array of scanning devices and capture needs, it is unreasonable for businesses to rely on several applications to accomplish one goal. NexScan provides a single platform that can fulfil all document scanning needs of an organization from data capture to its recognition and export, NexScan provides a powerful scanning solution to enterprises looking to simplify their record management and scanning process.

NexScan enables your staff to do much more than just capturing pictures and attaching them to email messages. The document scanning solution delivers dramatic results in the form of improved record compliance, enhanced security and accuracy, and cost savings.

Want to make your electronic document workflow more efficient? Consult with an expert at (852) 2152 3260 and know more about product features.

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