NexApp – Enterprise Mobile Application Platform

Nexify’s enterprise mobile application platform, NexApps, delivers the services your enterprise needs to integrate its mobile applications with backend systems. NexApps maintains, manages, and secures your enterprise mobile apps in a simple and straightforward manner and analyzes their runtime behaviour.

What is Enterprise Mobile Application Platform?

Enterprise mobile application software simplifies and accelerates the implementation of mobile solutions. It is an all-inclusive group of services and products that allow convenient, accelerated, and secured development of mobile applications.

NexApps – Nexify’s Enterprise Mobile Application Platform      

NexApps is an enterprise mobile application platform that helps businesses in tackling the challenges associated with developing, safeguarding, and managing enterprise mobile apps.  It reduces the cost, time, and resources required to build enterprise mobile applications.

Why Choose NexApps?

Integrate Shorten mobile apps development time and effort with instant access to NexApps API libraries

Secure Encryption Encrypt crucial and confidential corporate data on devices over the network and storage

Secure Transfer Secure app-to-app transfer between apps on NexApps platform

Single Sign-on Single Sign-on (SSO) to related mobile apps among the same platform

Easy Configuration   Use One-stop administration site to easily configure enterprise mobile apps policies

Security Secure data on devices including employees personal devices

Risk Mitigation   Isolate personal data from corporate data and applications to eliminate the risk of rogue apps

Simple Reduce the need for mobile virtual private network (VPN) by native encrypted data tunnels

Extensible Features

Integration with Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions such as i-Sprint USO or CA SiteMinder.

Highly customizable authentication module by leveraging APIs from i-Sprint or CA

Support multi-factor authentication

Why Work With Nexify?

At Nexify, we take a holistic approach to determine the use of enterprise mobile application platform in the app development. We determine the complexity and needs of your business and help you find the right balance between performance and ease of app development.

Our skilled team of IT professionals makes the best recommendations and mobile solutions for our clients. We use the powerful capabilities of NexApps – our enterprise mobile application software, to help you manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your enterprise mobile applications. NexApps makes the app development process quick, simple, and secure for you.


No matter what your enterprise mobility challenges are, Nexify has a solution to offer to every business. Talk to our IT experts at (852) 2152 3260 and unleash your true business potential.

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