Document & Record Management Solution

It is already be familiar with recognized software such as Opentext, EMC Documentum and IBM Filenet.

Management Solution

It is flexible integration with external systems, you are simply to drive value from information and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow.

Geographic Information
System Solution

It provides a very effective means for graphically conveying complex information and help to organize and centralize data, which allows the management to make better decision.

Intelligence Solution

It helps you to understand the business value of complex corporate data obtained from various easy looking material such as databases, excel, flat files etc.

Latest Work

Our aim is to continuously explore new business concepts and innovation. We keep upgrading and adding new business value to our products and services to meet our clients’ aspirations.

It is designed to capture documents and records, we provide a secure way to keep the record that can be privately owned yet accessible.

It is designed to collect data easily and accurately on the go using a mobile devices, we offer a powerful solution to collect and manage data in a fully paper less manner.

It is a tool between enterprise and their colleague, we provide an easy to use, instant and secure government grade collaboration experience for them.

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